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"lol skelsys. gost stop flirted with me i dont do homeruns"
"why cant we ask you euphoria? dont you hit up skelzys, la campana, booty bar and brooklyn? lol"

foul ball ask hoodie shes goes to oneworld"
I feel like I'm the only fish suffocating in the landlocked state of Oklahoma. Ua ou misia lava oe…

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    This is the BEEESSSSTTT performance i have seen since forever! Love his enthusiasm & the spirit he has for his special day! 

    #ifonlyadultshadthesamespirit #wealltoobusysinning LOL 


    p.s. if anyone knows how to convert it that this video can come up on the actual blog, go ahead & update it please, coz i only know how to just add the link coz its from Facebook.

    This performance made my week! :)

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  • BToM OCTOBER 2014 - It's supernatural!

    Let's tell spooky stories, oooohhhhh! Not just because of Halloween this month. All Saints Day (to celebrate good spirits) is on the first of November and All Souls Day (to pray for lost spirits) is the 2nd of Nov - within the time frame for this BToM - so I figured this topic was appropriate. 

    Ok so it doesn't reeeeallly have to be spooky. I just want to hear about your experiences with things that are not quite of this realm of existence. You can write about ghosts or angels, hauntings or miracles. The stories can be first hand, or something you heard about in your circle of family / friends. 

    Go on... amaze us with some out of this world stories! 

    But first... we were getting all kinds of deep and meaningful…

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    It's Sunday here in American Samoa. 

    It's only fitting that I talk about my spiritual journey with Jesus Christ and how, on this particular Sunday, I have decided to change my life around. 

    Today's service, we had a Samoan missionary as our guest speaker. 

    When you live in a country where the American accent is common, every other accent is amusing. This missionary comes from New Zealand, so of course, I was all ears and eyes because even the facial expressions that go with the accent is pretty awesome. Anyway, his sermon was about how God is still working on us. 

    I've told myself a hundred times, that I was a work in progress. I think I've said it a lot in the mirror because I saw that I had too many imperfections, both physically and emotionally, and even psychologically - everyone in my family knows I'm crazy (goofy, weird, whatever), but the kind of crazy that I labeled myself with was the UNREALISTIC, TOO MUCH OF A DAYDREAMER, INDECISIVE…

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  • Weaklings

    You know who they are ... the ones that fall in love once, twice, maybe a few times over ... get their hearts broken then wanna be *anti-love* coz love hurts? Coz love ain't worth the headache? Too much bullsh*t to go thru it again? Psssh like you think YOU are special? Ha!

    So now what? You gonna lock up your heart and throw away the key? Hahahah .... you think YOU'RE the only one that's ever uttered those LYING words? You think you hardening your heart, kicking those mushy emotions to the curb, dismissing people that try and make a move into your "space" is gonna get you thru life? Hahahah ... what a joke!

    Check it ... you are NOT the first to get your little sad heart broken .. you will NOT be the last! What makes you think you ain't got to earn your stripes? That you don't need a few SCARS to earn your keep at something more powerful than death?

    LOVE is limitless... it has no measurement of how powerful it is,,,, It! Just! Is!

    What makes YOU think…

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  • My Honest Truth.

    Don't expect me to be different. 

    Like all other girls, I go through mood swings. Like all other girls, I have my days that will irritate the living shizznit out of you. Like all other girls, I will snoop through your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and messages. Like all other girls, I will say things I'll regret. Like all other girls, I'll have my days where I'll be super clingy and overwhelming with messages and whatnot. Like all other girls, I go through "that time of the month", with the worst bipolar attitude ever. But I won't always be that way. 

    I'll have great days with you. We'll out to dinner and have a great night. We'll go see a movie and laugh about a weird conversation we'll have. We'll stay in, cuddle, and get all lovey-dovey. We'll go out to the beach or to the park and just play games, or hang out with our friends together. 

    Overall, what makes me stand out from them all is that I won't always be clingy. Yeah, I'll be emotional and at…

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  • regrets

    i wish i can say i don't have any regrets, but regrets are like assholes, everbody has one. regrets are the pitfals of life, the aches and pain people try to avoid, and no matter how much we try to avoid them, you always come back to earth to face the truth, that we are human, and to be  human is to be vulnerable. so, even though i thought highly of mysef as a macho man, i was enslaved to make maistakes, and i will suffer the consequences of my choices, rather it may be a love story of my life i missed out on, a once promised career that would of, or a wish to bring back, or what i said to someone i cared about, will always haunt me in life. the smiple fact is, time travel has not been invented will cement the fact that i will regret something in life. a man once gave me advice about life, he said, "roll the dice, put your best foot forward, and let them lie where they lie," and i have been living life with that principle. my idea of no regrets is to live life with the mentality…

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