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tiger_shark 2.0 replied to Monte's discussion SUCCESS, what will you do with it?
"Having no regrets at the end of ones life would be successful for me. Back to the drawing board I g…"
46 minutes ago
tiger_shark 2.0 commented on Ironman Marvel's blog post live or not to live
"Someones on a roll tonight. Haha."
57 minutes ago
tiger_shark 2.0 commented on ChrisB's blog post Is weight an issue?
1 hour ago
ChrisB commented on Ironman Marvel's blog post live or not to live
"I'm sure your dad got over it eventually bro, try not to feel too bad....thanks for sharing (Y)"
1 hour ago

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Your Religion Over Your Health?

I've heard of many stories where people who have life threatening illnesses, will refuse treatment due to their religious beliefs.

For example Jehovah's Witness people will not allow themselves to get Blood Transfusions.

Rastafarian beliefs is very similar where they will not get treatment as they have the mentality of "when it happens it happens" and that treatment with medicines or in hospitals, is the "white man theory" and will never get treatment for their illnesses for…

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For the life of me, I thought I would never be that kind of mom who would be draumatized upset at the idea of her oldest (son) having a "friend", aka "girlfriend." I was totally shocked and bent out sideways ish ish at his proclamation..."Mom do you want to meet my girlfriend?" (honestly, i wanted to slap him back into yesterday), however, I kept my composure, cool, calm and then went vocally crazy (*#%@^&#@s!) hahaha...seriously though, 

Reminiscing on days past when my kids were…

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From our Fono

SUCCESS, what will you do with it?

What can we do to make ourselves happy, successful in our very own lives? I tell people to stop being selfish and give.  Give a thought, an advice, promote chances in others I will soon become another Samoan Millionaire, and I want to share it with my people Greed is a form of personality that is not attractive to lots of people, myself included Wealth is not for any single person to keep but an abundant to share and to make us laugh We came to this sickly place empty handed, and heaven is rich…

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What's the REAL problem with PORN?

As kids we probably all learned something like school = good, porn = bad ... but these days porn is more socially acceptable than ever before. It's all over the net, you can order it on TV, everybody's watching it - even those goody goody types - for educational purposes, they say. So what's the problem? Quincy Jones' daughter Rashida just released a documentary that might explain: Her main argument is that the majority of porn is all about the guys... objectifying women. So women aren't seen…

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live or not to live

if you are about to have a child, and you found out that your child is going to be down syndrome. will consider an abortion..why or why not. how about if the doctor tells you that your child is going to be bed ridden for his/her whole life as a mental disable kid, will you consider abortion or let the baby live..why or why not..

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Is weight an issue?

It's hard for me to admit, but I'm quite a bit overweight, I weighed myself on the weekend and came to 76 kg, which is pretty damn obese considering my fighting weight was 72 kg. But I'm old and pretty sedentary so I'm trying to convince myself that's a good excuse. Has anyone else got any good excuses they can share with me? Otherwise I'm going to have to do some training and lose it all within a month, or I'll let someone finish me off and bury me in a nappy as a hopeless case.

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Mother's Day Treat

Mother's Day this year was spent doing exaclty what i LOVE doing ... sleeping! LOL

No i'm not paie ... i work a LOT and because of this, i value my sleep like crack heads do their crack o_O ... ok bad analogy lol

During my Mother's Day at work I learned (re-learned?) a valuable lesson about what's important to people (all types of people) and why it's important to them.

2300: clock in ... walk in  ... to chaos! Nothing new really, just tiring i guess and maybe it's…

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