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who is #panipoopoo?
PRIVILEGED commented on Masina LM's blog post test
"test what may i ask?"
17 hours ago
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Wrydah replied to Hamo Geek Girl's discussion Blogging Tips in Help Notes & Geeky Tricks
"... curious CHI ... do u wRyde any more? Hmmm?"

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"You realize she ain't gonna call you back right?" teases Mareko

"Maaaan! That was my whole game plan" replies Semisi "She was on her way out anyway"

"Uh huh right. That's why you ran after her to give her your number again?"

"Yeah maan! That's how it's done." skools Semisi "You gotta be the last kiss on them purdy lips before they walk away, nah mean?"

The group of men laugh as they pile into Mareko's Range Rover. Mareko, the designated driver behind the wheel,…

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So What Now? Part 1

So on Tuesday was the day I told my kids that next week Thursday will be my last day working at the Youth Centre. Gosh all week I had been stressing in my head how I was gonna break the news to my kids, how were they going to react? What do I say? etc.

So 1st off I told my Team Leader a…

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From our Fono

Zendaya as Aaliyah... What do you think?

I'm asking you cause, while I still love Aaliyah's music (who remembers where you were when you found out she died?) I have no idea who Zendaya is. I can see that she's beautiful and has a resemblance to Aaliyah, but can she sing? Can she dance? lol What can you tell me about this casting? Also.. are you looking forward to seeing Aaliyah's life played out on screen?  Check out the full story on Hollywood Life. 

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7 Replies · Reply by KEEP IT HOOD on Thursday

Love for the Rhythm.. Love for the Rhyme..

*listening to waiting in vain by bob marley* as my weary soul waits patiently for you i'm reminded of the waters i've tred nostalgic of where my travels began reminiscent of how my heart has bled the serenity your presence promises i'd sacrifice my very heart to pursue absorbing your essence consciously allowing it all to come down to you string your instruments of harmony and i'd sing praises to each melody not a note in all the heavens compare to how your love makes me sing humbly…

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307 Replies · Reply by Wrydah on Wednesday
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