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Belly replied to Wrydah's discussion 1Sa ~ 1Bar CYPHA
"Blanks drawn every time you open your trap
whose wrong whose right,applause and clap"
32 seconds ago
LYRICAL POET WINSTON commented on Ironman Marvel's blog post Confederate for life
"question was the souths flag there before they had slaves?...shame i cant turn that flag upside dow…"
3 minutes ago
eiight daez replied to Wrydah's discussion 1Sa ~ 1Bar CYPHA
"Guns drawn, trigger happy fingers clipped ready to bust banks..
Doesnt even know that them pistols…"
9 minutes ago
LYRICAL POET WINSTON commented on Ironman Marvel's blog post gay marriage legal in the U.S.
"so destroying ONE right to fulfil another is ok...whose right are you referring to wrydah? a gay pe…"
10 minutes ago

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1Sa ~ 1Bar CYPHA

  After 2yrs and over 7,000 bars, our OG CYPHA disc got archived to Never'Everland :P   TIME FOR ANOTHER ONE :D ... C'mon Scribes Less'Do'Diss !!!!!     I'll start us off . . .   Offer me nothing I can change and I'll change your nothing offerLike switching off the king of spades for a mindless jackal pauper   PS... this is a LAST WORD CYPHA ... your next bar should start off with the last word of the last bar ... get it? got it? good :D

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1115 Replies · Reply by Belly 43 seconds ago

Fight or Flight?

Are you the type who enjoys confrontation? Or you prefer to let the other person win just to shut them up? I ask cause someone mentioned I run away from it BUT.... for me it depends if its worth fighting for..what mood im in..... if the person im arguing with is worth wasting my breath!???  Generally I like to think im calm and I can keep a smile on my face.... what about you? ?....fight or flight? ....and whats something you.d definitely never back down from? *popcorn time I hope!

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19 Replies · Reply by LYRICAL POET WINSTON 1 hour ago


Talofa 1Samoana. I am here with something y'all can get involved in, especially all you lyricists/wrydahs out there! I challenge y'all to join in with your own images in poetic portrait ie; lyrically explain to 1Sa what your eyes see in your image. I'll start it off with this image : Solo can be solace,an image of flourishing life, Yet underneath the greenery, grows roots of malice n spite, Try watering early as a seed, with an abundance of the Son's light,  And see it thrive in the soil of…

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1 Reply · Reply by KEEP IT HOOD 1 hour ago

Advantages of being a MAN

I'm new to this type of thinking LOL ... so I'm going to need a lot of help It's only fair that we have one for the SOLE's of the VILLE   :) No need for numbering coz I don't wanna confuse anyone lol buttah yup.. let's get started. IF YOU LOOK LIKE THIS ...   ... LADIES (and i'm sure some mensz) WILL SMILE MORE ... SMILING has been proven to make the world go 'round and 'round ... thus by being a man (that looks like he does) you're adding to the cycle of life Men know how to wear a toolbelt…

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45 Replies · Reply by Wrydah 9 hours ago

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Confederate for life


should south carolina take down the confederate flag flying in front of their capitol..why or why not..

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gay marriage legal in the U.S.

the supreme court of the united states has legalized gay marriages in all 50 states. what do you think?

i don't think federal government should interfere with local government rules and freedoms..i think that every state has the right to represent their opinion, but not as a whole because not all people agree with gay marriages.

have we forgotten the origins of this country(U.S.)..the pilrigrims left mother england in search for the freedom of religion..let me remind you that…

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mastering damnation

can masterbating stop you from going to Heaven..with that said, if it is a sin and you have not repented of it and you died, can it stop you from going to Heaven..

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