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I see only a handfull of regulars, not many others posting from days gone by, what's the happ's?
  • Superman07 Can't add too much to whats already been said but amazes me that many are joining but not scribing…
    6 seconds ago
  • Wrydah ... i do miss the real natives that wrote though ... hopefully they return with grand tales n fabul…
    1 hour ago
  • Wrydah ... catfishes have been exposed ... people out grew 1Sa as a playground so they've moved on to bigg…
    1 hour ago
  • KEEP IT HOOD They all have offline lives now bro LOL #2008KREW
    3 hours ago
KEEP IT HOOD commented on KEEP IT HOOD's blog post So What Now? Part 1
"No Part 2 yet as im on procrastination mode on writing the farewell part LOL, but def hoping to hav…"
12 hours ago
KEEP IT HOOD replied to High Matai's discussion What SONG are U listening to right now??
"Ozki Band -Lau Pele Ea
Been our drinking/karaoke song all w.end as we've been jamming it full blast…"
12 hours ago
KEEP IT HOOD commented on Hamo Geek Girl's blog post [Story Time] Rosa & Lemi - Part 1
"Shot HGG! Awesome 1st chapter as my eyes were glued to the screen the whooole time & cant wait for…"
12 hours ago

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[Story Time] Rosa & Lemi - Part 1

Sooo this is my BToM entry for Oct-Nov. Yes, I know it's ridiculously late (my apologies) so I thought I would write it like a proper story. It's all true, I've just gone into more play-by-play detail based on how it was told to me. It's become longer than I expected, so this is part 1. I'll have part 2 (as well as a new BToM) posted very soon.

Here goes, rough and un-edited like we do:…

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"You realize she ain't gonna call you back right?" teases Mareko

"Maaaan! That was my whole game plan" replies Semisi "She was on her way out anyway"

"Uh huh right. That's why you ran after her to give her your number again?"

"Yeah maan! That's how it's done." skools Semisi "You gotta be the last kiss on them purdy lips before they walk away, nah mean?"

The group of men laugh as they pile into Mareko's Range Rover. Mareko, the designated driver behind the wheel,…

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So What Now? Part 1

So on Tuesday was the day I told my kids that next week Thursday will be my last day working at the Youth Centre. Gosh all week I had been stressing in my head how I was gonna break the news to my kids, how were they going to react? What do I say? etc.

So 1st off I told my Team Leader a…

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From our Fono

1Sa ~ 1Bar CYPHA

  After 2yrs and over 7,000 bars, our OG CYPHA disc got archived to Never'Everland :P   TIME FOR ANOTHER ONE :D ... C'mon Scribes Less'Do'Diss !!!!!     I'll start us off . . .   Offer me nothing I can change and I'll change your nothing offerLike switching off the king of spades for a mindless jackal pauper   PS... this is a LAST WORD CYPHA ... your next bar should start off with the last word of the last bar ... get it? got it? good :D

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519 Replies · Reply by Wrydah 12 hours ago

Zendaya as Aaliyah... What do you think?

I'm asking you cause, while I still love Aaliyah's music (who remembers where you were when you found out she died?) I have no idea who Zendaya is. I can see that she's beautiful and has a resemblance to Aaliyah, but can she sing? Can she dance? lol What can you tell me about this casting? Also.. are you looking forward to seeing Aaliyah's life played out on screen?  Check out the full story on Hollywood Life. 

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7 Replies · Reply by KEEP IT HOOD on Thursday
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