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It's how we dooze! #KiwiMad #CantBeatIt #BF

Meanwhile..... In New Zealand

"AMEN @ 2moro brings forth a new day and new beginnings... Praise God for those!"
"Lol @ Allah

.... Abba Father i use in reverence ... Abba i use coz I'm His daughter and our relati…"
"Eh @ you win ... se KeLLsz haha ... brings the saying to life aye? "There's always going to be some…"

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    I don't know why it is when I feel like I'm beginning to get a hang on this thing called life, when I'm finding a rhythm in my strokes and I'm gliding along the surface of the sea I hit an invisible barrier, and I stop. My stomach gets all knotted and there is a pulling at my chest an uneasy feeling comes over me. Instinctively I am aware that a force is looming just beneath the surface, and then I feel it. The icy cold grip takes hold of me and I am paralyzed.  I'm being dragged down, down deep by an invisible predator. I open my mouth to let out a scream but I take in a mouth full of water and as I tilt my head back I am blinded by the sun. I do not close my eyes as my vision becomes blurred, my struggle creates the laps of current that wash over my sight as I am lowered into the darkness I am pulled down down deep. Deeper and deeper I am choking, I am drowning, "SOMEONE HELP ME!" the thought pounds and pounds in my head! My legs and body convulse fighting defiantly against…

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  • It's been such a busy week and I can't believe that I still have the energy to do extra ! I thank God for the strength because I honestly believe only He could have provided me with the extra set of batteries that I've been running on for these past few days. I have to say, Fridays will be my posting days :) Routine is important, so cheers to the beginning of my faikakala Friday.

    So let's see :

    1. I start school on Monday ( woopditty do! This will be my THIRD attempt in trying to complete my Bachelor's degree. Fai mai Tupac, "Only God can juge me" , ia thank you for your invisible comment. E le'o need.) 

    2. I have to look for another employee. (my employee has finally decided to pay her own fare so she can move to Hawaii and live with her boyfriend. AMUIERRRRRD! Lol. If it was my parents - AIRE AIRE AIRE for days. )

    3. I start a new circuit training schedule for the next two weeks. ( it was supposed to be THIS week but because Mr. A had a lot of…

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  • Help Doc Beat Cancer

    http://www.gofundme.com/docamoaHello there fellow people of one samoana. I humbly ask you all for your support in helping Dr. Amoa fight brain cancer. Please have a look at the link above for more information. I know some of you might be related to him or just know him by his work. Any amount is greatly appreciated, and keep him and his family in your prayers. Thank you for you support :) #ihatecancer
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  • Why Are You Blessed?

    Why Are You Blessed?

    It is my firm belief that we are blessed so that we can be a blessing to others!

    This week has been a week of sorrow for me ... someone i know in real life lost her husband after years of him being sick. Also, a man i enoyed watching on television died ... actor/comedian Robin Williams took his own life. Why does the latter affect me more? Because reports say he suffered from years of depression. THAT came as a complete shock to me... but then i thought about it and decided to share my thoughts with you :)

    We're given gifts (blessings) in life... some small, some grand... some we don't even consider 'blessings' or 'gifts' but exist just the same. Within these blessings, we're expected (i believe) to share them with others, so that they TOO can be blessed, and in turn, bless another, and so on and so forth :)

    Robin Williams had a gift to make me (and others, of…

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  • My favorite childhOod Memory (August BOTM)

    Thinking back to my many childhood memories, I wasn't sure which one stood out enough for me to write about. From the many theme parks I went to with family and friends, to the many family BBQ's (Because you know Samoans can THROW DOWN when it comes to BBQs) and so much more. I drove home thinking about which one really meant the most but as usual, I was drawing a blank. 

    I got home, kicked off my shoes and laid down for a bit and boy were my feet hurting! Then it hit me, my absolute FAVORITE childhood memory was massaging my mom's legs and feet almost every night before she went to bed. Weird and unusual right (Because I swear I have feet phobia)? I know!!! Growing up I hated it..... But thinking back on it now, those were the best times I shared with her. It…

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  • Your perspective shapes your world

    Talofa everyone,

    I recently had a discussion with a friend about this upcoming assignment due in a few weeks time. The topic for the assignment was on "Poverty" and during our discussion we critiqued perspectives on this topic and it got me thinking about how our perspective shapes the world we see.

    I remember sitting in church and hearing the young people talk about how they didn't have the latest fashion items nor they were happy with the lunch money they had. I then approached them and asked why they thought those things, their response was simple "oh we're poor thats why" but in reality they had a roof over their heads, dinner every night and lunch for school so I challenged their perspective. 

    It really hit me about how western paradigms have influenced our people into a different mindset compared to what they were brought up in. I remember how oldies would always say "Ia viia pea oe lo matou Tama ona o lou alofa ma lou agalelei ia matou…

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