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ЯAW홋HEAT replied to Hamo Geek Girl's discussion HAPPINESS IS....
"HAPPINES IS: heading to Samoa in June......ummmmm cant wait what awaiting me. giggles"
4 hours ago
ЯAW홋HEAT replied to KEEP IT HOOD's discussion Easter Time
"aww happy easter holiday onesa,what better way to celebrate onesa birth with our christ crucifixion…"
4 hours ago
Wrydah posted a discussion
Dementia in our Elderly
Do you know what this is? Dementia? Not thru google but thru family or friends, loved ones... do yo…
4 hours ago
ЯAW홋HEAT’s discussion was featured
5 hours ago
Hamo Geek Girl replied to KEEP IT HOOD's discussion Easter Time
"Awww I love our resurrected discussions... Fitting for the season a ea? lol  My family doesn't do a…"
5 hours ago
ЯAW홋HEAT replied to ЯAW홋HEAT's discussion Post up ya Fav Youtube Music
5 hours ago
Wrydah replied to Wrydah's discussion 1Sa ~ 1Bar CYPHA
"saints from the earth, unlike those from on-high cater only to that which they deem worthy vie    "
6 hours ago
kokoboy posted a blog post in Umukuka
Crescent Sausage Bites
Ingredients1 lb. sausage (pork or turkey)1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese2 packages crescent rollsDas…
6 hours ago

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    Morgan Ifomai has got to be one of my most prized possessions haha! If a man were to ever be a woman’s possession, Morgan was mine… even if it was at a dear price.

    I was late for Sabbath school (again) so I tried slipping in thru the back entrance of the chapel to avoid the faikas greeting everyone as they come in to church…And they wonder why people stop coming to church *smh*

    While walking down the hall making my way up to the foyer, I hear heated conversations coming from…

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  • An Unforgettable Night: Michael Part 2

    The bus ride was longer than I thought and catching the city bus here is a lot different than Arizona. There are a lot of characters in New Orleans.As soon as I get on the bus, a man was playing his saxophone, his buddy had a tambourine and another on the harmonica. Right above them, a big sign in dark bold letters, "Please stay in your seats." Clearly the 3 man band did not care for the sign for they were up and about and all over the place. The driver was enjoying the music as you could…
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  • One Samoana on Pinterest

    Is anybody here as addicted to Pinterest as I am? I LOVE that place!

    ...But I'm only now beginning to build up One Samoana's presence on Pinterest. If you're on there, can you please add me? Or follow us or whatever they call it. I want to steal some ideas from you.. 


    This is One Samoana on Pinterest > …

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