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  • Sunday Serenades

    The beauty of Sunday has always been music for me. As far as I can remember, my parents use to wake me up Sunday mornings with their boombox blasting Samoan music. Unfortunately, I didn't develop a taste for Samoan music until way later in life. Being surrounded by something doesn't always guarantee you'll take to it properly .... sometimes it repels you because you're engulfed it? ... *shrugs* ... i'm just werid lol

    As I got older, Samoan music became nostalgic for me and I wanted to listen to it more and more because it took me back to those memories of papa and mama harmonizing to their cassett tapes on a Sunday morning. Some of the music I'll not ever forget, I don't know artitst names or titles of song but if you hum me a few bars, I can probably follow lol

    Here are a few of the songs I grew up being irritated by but then wound mindlessly hum and sing when all is quiet around me. I guess you could say the music was etched into me so deeply, I'd not ever be able…

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  • uploaded by Suluama Fuimaono-Sapolu

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  • Miss H Goes Muscles ! Part 1

    First things first.. I'm a realist. Lol.

    I've always been a chubby, chunkahunka girl.I've never had a problem with my weight. Seriously.

    But now, well, let's just say I'm on a mission to get myself ripped. Bahahahaaaaaa ! Yes, like a four pack (or hopefully a six pack - too sure haha) of ab glamour.

    Last week was the beginning of my Facebook fast and for some odd (but very life-changing) reason - I came across a body building website and that was it. I started taking screen shots of the exercises and just going monkeys over the sketch of a hot guy demonstrating beginner exercises with a dumbbell. I don't know why they call it a dumbbell, so don't ask me. All I know is those things are fricking heavy and carrying heavy things will soon become sexy to me. Lol.

    My sister got a set of dumbbells for her birthday last year and they've become part of our living room decor, in the back of our television, probably collecting dust and webs. I took them out…

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  • Sunshine After The Storm

    After the divorce, my kids became a weapon of choice that i (unintentionally) used to inflict pain on my ex-husband. He wasn't a good husband and sometimes not that great a father, but he did love those boys to no end and keeping them away was like drowning him in his own piss and sweat. Eeew that sounds horrible lol but fitting. Like they say... "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" ... Best believe!

    My job at the hospital was starting to affect me emotionally but it didn't dawn on me at first to consider myself blessedl Instead I drank myself into a stupor to forget when a resident - especiallly a child i was close with - died. Keying things out now, it alll seems so clear... my divorce, my job, the passing of my father ... the makings of the "Perfect Storm" that took the near death of my own child, for me to see the sunshine in it's aftermath.

    I didn't tell my ex-husband to get married so quickly after our divorce - his…

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  • Conquer Evil

    Don't let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good. (NLT) ( Romans 12:21 )How can evil conquer us? It begins in our mind. Anger has a way of stewing inside and then it finally erupts. Quick judgements of others begins as a seed in our thoughts that grows into distaste for another. Envy and jealousy begin in the mind as well. This passage tells us the key to overcoming evil is by doing good. Doing good comes from a thought but are acted on. If you feel your thoughts beginning to be critical, angry, or envious, stop them by responding with a loving action. You can conquer everything with good.
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  • What's for Breakfast?

    Anyone want suafa'i? 

    This is a typical Samoan breakfast made with ripe bananas and sago pearls... but I know a lot of Samoans just have leftovers from last night for breakfast, or nothing at all.

    Check out what breakfast looks like for other countries in the world:

    JAPAN .... that's a full on meal of miso soup, fish and veges. But just like all healthy Japanese food, even after all this you'll probably still feel light and energetic (and…

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