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Last month I had the opportunity to visit the 454 Studios compound and saw how rapper Drew Deezy and his music team worked. Executive Produced by “Bigg Seff” Latu of 454 Life Entertainment and the music produced by Ucenation music, him and his team utilized their talents to bring you all The PolyTape.


It’s always interesting how rappers put together their mixtapes and themes that go along with it because you never know if its going to gel or not. When I first started working in the entertainment industry, I worked for a hip hop music distribution company in Hollywood and had the opportunity to review hip hop mixtapes from top world DJ’s and hip hop artists. The tape would either be hot or not from the first track and there was no in between. Like any project, you can tell how much an artist worked on his/her music. In this case, Drew Deezy delivered above and beyond. This album is so hot, I see it as the most played mixtape by an urban island rapper for the rest of 2012 amongst polynesians.


The PolyTape starts off with a track from urban island reggae sensation Fiji with Come Back To Me. Drew Deezy shows a different side of him by showing us who he is culturally and hooks us and brings us into his world instantly.


As I continued to listen to each track, I was able to connect and understand how he was raised, what he went through from a poly perspective and how he would navigate through his struggles and that’s what I call a Poly Movement.


Each track takes us to another step and another level of interest. When you have urban island artists Spawnbreezie, Josh White, Finn The Groovah, Vacano, and Lasro The King, it becomes a fan favorite because each track these guys are featured on are phenomenal.


My favorite part of The PolyTape would have to be the features from the urban island hip hop artists. Rappers Juice Boi, Rich Rollin, Mr. Musik of Cutthroat Mode Clicc, Yung LB, A-Dough, Cam, Nitty, Pistol, and Nichi were all impressive. The delivery of lyrics from these MC’s on the tracks were brilliant. Each rapper stood out with their unique vocal styles. Two that really stood out to me was San Jose’s A-Dough and Juice Boi of CMC. A-Dough is a modern day Nate Dogg with a dash of urban island swag and Juice Boi has a sexy raspy voice that the ladies will definitely appreciate. But we can’t sleep on the other MC’s like Long Beach’s Yung LB and Cam of 454 because they keep us locked in and loaded. 454 Life Entertainment has created a polynesian all star collective of rappers that reminds me of how DeathRow Records began with Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Warren G, Nate Dogg and the crew.


But the focus comes back to the main man behind the music and that is Drew Deezy. As I got to get to know him at the studio he was really humble and really intelligent. His focus for changing the urban island music game up is with no doubt a trailblazing time for him. He pushes a unified front called TokoUso which means brother in samoan and tongan. A street cause that Drew Deezy himself talked about that has been a breakthrough for him and his homies. Coming together as one was like bringing the iron wall down and being one in purpose, mind and vision. I recommend this album to everyone and anyone who wants a taste of feel good music that keeps a person motivated and inspired. Like Drew Deezy says,”And that’s the real me, its about Drew Deeze, everybody will tell you that I’m the Uce that’s you’ll wanna meet…Deezy” and that’s definitely WhatItDo!


Review By: Elizabeth Lavulo





01. Come Back To Me – Drew Deezy ft. Fiji
02. Murderous – Drew Deezy ft. Lasro The King
03. Lyin In My Head – Drew Deezy ft. Josh WaWa White
04. Get It Today – Drew Deezy ft. A-Dough, Juice Boi, Rich Rollin
05. Go Gettah – Drew Deezy ft. Spawnbreezie
06. More Love – Drew Deezy ft. Finn The Groovah
07. Say Yea – Drew Deezy ft. YS
08. My Girl – Drew Deezy ft. Vacano, Lasro The King
09. Tonight – Drew Deezy ft. A-Dough, Juice Boi
10. My Life My Pain – Drew Deezy ft. Nichi, A-Dough, Nitty, Cam
11. Beautiful – Drew Deezy ft. Yung LB, Mr. Musik
12. Movin On – Drew Deezy ft. Spawnbreezie, Cam
13. Yo Body – Drew Deezy ft. Josh WaWa White
14. Drink It Down – Drew Deezy ft. A-Dough, Nitty, Pistol, Cam



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    ... i think DREW DEEZY did well with this POLYTAPE album ... he collab'd with some very smooth artists ... that first kutt with FIJI is nice ... big upsz to the mixXxers, dj'sz and beat`makersz coz without them, these lyricistsz are spittn a cappella ... haha



    *sighs* ... i have to admit .. i didn't like Drew`Deezy at first coz of a youtube clip i saw of his ... really stereotypical hoodrat speech and i was not impressed ... but i kept seeing him everywhere (he's got good PR circulating him) so i thought i'd put my biases aside and give his music a listen ... I STAND CORRECTED ... he's got some good lines in his verses ... if he laces his own lyrics, then he's not as he seemed in those youtube clips ... really ghetto and gangstah status with very limited vocabulary ... i shan't dismiss too hastily next time



    .... Thank You TAMA`SAMOANA for putt'n 1SA up on game ... the linkage was perfecto :D


  • I downloaded it the second it came out and ordered my actual copy juss so i could support!!! He's changed his style a bit and i LIKES!!! especially COME BACC TO ME!! i be havin it on REPEAT here at wrk!

    It's good to know that the poly movement is on the come up!!! even his new "ganster" type songs have more of a meaning now.. it tells more of REAL life stories and struggles!! I gotta say.... He doin BYGG thangs and tho i was never really into his type of music...i stayed open minded about it and BAM downloaded it on mah fone in an INSTANT!!! :) Thanks for postin up TAMA!

This reply was deleted.

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