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These kids have too much time on their hands. What happened to them getting worked so hard by their parents and villages that they barely had time to think let alone throw rocks at each other .. hmmm ... American Samoa lawmaker says student fighting out of control A member of American Samoa’s legislature wants the government to put police and security guards into one of the territory’s largest high schools to control fighting students. “Tuala-uta representative Galu Satele Junior says a remedy must be found for the continuing issue at Tafuna High.” Our correspondent in Apia Monica Miller says the issue came to a head after the lawmaker saw several fights break out last week among students, involving rock throwing along a busy road. “He said it was very scary because rocks were thrown. This happened right along the road side when cars were travelling at a very busy hour. it’s a continuing problem here. A lot of the comments that have been made are that parents are not supervising their kids as previously especially in low income families where perhaps the parents are working at night, at the canneries for example.” Monica Miller says some of the youths have been expelled, about ten students have been questioned by police and some charges have been laid to be dealt with in the Family Court. Source

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  • Sad to see this happening. When i went to Tafuna High School, it wasn't like this. This is really sad and embarrassing. :( Talofa e i e sa taumafai e fai faalelei le aoga, when the school was top in academics and now, i dont know what to say. *sigh*
  • ...yup exactly! why after all these years they wanna do something about it? when its been an on going problem for a while...they waited so long, now look where its at? ia kago e kui lou pu isu and enjoy the fights!!!!....Aoga uma o le atu Samoa, soso ese ua sau o le Toa....bwahahaha! chee hoo!
  • wow..Tafuna still throwing rocks?..well at least it's not bullets, I suppose :no:

  • stupid kids lol LIOGA :rulez:

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