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  • Judd the Mistletoed Dope Dealer….LMAO... :fear:

  • betty lou ^^' the sugar plummed baby daddy :surprise:

  • * bust'n up tos *... ahh.. BETTY LOU THE SUGAR-PLUMMED DEER HUNTER!.. hahahahahaha... thanks for da laugh this morning sis =)

  • Trixie the jingling beer guzzler.



  • Trixie The Gingerbread Welfare Mama! B-) xD

  • Betty Lou the evergreen wino :P

  • Trixie the Jingling Beer Guzzler. I'll drink to that!!

This reply was deleted.

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Not MY parents!

Not here to judge, just here to vent ... i'm REALLY hearbroken by how many of OUR PEOPLE ... Samoans, Tongans, Fijians, Polynesians! ... are putting OUR ELDERLY in care homes these days. I've been in the medical field for 15 yrs so DO NOT TELL ME…

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9 Replies · Reply by PRIVILEGED Dec 27, 2014

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One Samoana via Facebook

Yup, like my mum always used to say......"e le mafai e leisi tiapolo ona tuli leisi…

KEEP IT HOOD replied to Angel's discussion Dear _____,
"Dear Twitter,
Why are u so addictive?! Day N Night i gotta check the tweets & tweet my 10 million b…"
13 hours ago
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"Hey Missy!
Hardoooooutttt long time no hear in the ville! Howzit with you & urs owt ur ways?!
13 hours ago
KEEP IT HOOD left a comment for SUI
"Always a pleasure seeing ur name and face in the ville miss OG SNAKE HANDLER! *dies*
Happy New Year…"
13 hours ago
SUI left a comment for KEEP IT AFK
"Thanx for the add hehe much love"
15 hours ago
One Samoana via Facebook

I know these things are dangerous but I have always wanted to see one up close. Wow! The world…

Superman07 left a comment for G.I.JaNE
"You disgust me lol.. that is all for now :)

Much luurrrvvvveeee x"
Superman07 commented on Hamo Geek Girl's blog post [Story Time] Rosa & Lemi - Part 4
"I swear everytime I read each chapter I go on an emotional rollercoaster lol.. thank you HGG for yo…"

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