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Hmmm...In my experience knowing Samoan Gay Men, i've only known all Samoan Gay men to be TRANNIES and none the less. It's so funny when I tell people I'm gay, they would say: Why are you lying, or You don't LOOK gay. Have you seen me? Why would I want to look like a female when i look like this? jokes..LMAO!

You have to honest with yourself and think, have I ever seen a Gay Samoan Man who looks like a MAN? Majority of what you've seen has be your cousin or brother in Women's Clothes. I ain't knockin' it...just a different breed of gay right? hmmm..what are your thoughts. I guess the question would be:


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  • Dem sister! Purify yourself xD

    Gay men are cool to hang with! Love them! My best friend is gay. Such a hott gay guy he is the pakaswine lol. I swear if I don't get married I'm taking some of his sperm to make a baby xD

    What should they look like?

    A human being? lol Don't care what they look like. Not that it will change the fact that their gay right?

    But yes love love love gay samoan men. *waves to Ethan* oh and they the bombDOTcom at dancing. Biarches be taking my spotlight on the dance floor :muro: :lol:
  • a gay samoan man should look um like happy ummm wtf?!?
  • i LOVE gay samoan guys! they are the bombest peeps! they can dress up!
    oh, and when words start flowin out they mouth, oooh somebody better

    it is what it is...and honestly ethan, you're beautiful in your own way! :)
  • Haha, hey! :)

    Well, i guess that i know TWO gay samoan male, besides myself, that dresses, walks, and talks like a man. But the ratio of the FEMMIE ones vs. the MASCULINE ones is 8 to 2. That's alot!!! WHOA!

    But, you have to watch out for them Washington Fags. LOL!

    What I guess I didn't get across was, just that. The people who say to me, Why are you lying, and You don't LOOK gay, probably have shared the same ratio that i have. As if there was a certain way to look gay...haha...good times.

    It's all fun and games. Like i told everyone else, it feels like everytime i get in UPCHAT, i have to come out of the closet all the time. HAHA...i'm very open with my sexuality, and i've come out on here, more that i have my whole life. LMAO!

    Good times! :)
    you'll be guarded by more information in this group on site.. hehee...

    But, is that like - wanting yourself to be judge on your appearance, your costondieum, or just basic general desires of knee high.. I'm just saying :sorry: ...

    • oh well, for me personally, it might even be just like smoking.. :azz: hahaa,...

    • if you can't have babies.. (or can you) ... xD lol.
  • oh ethan.. wen i first seen You on cam.. i had no idea You were gay kuz you were jus so cute... :D it was juss the cam at the time......then i seen you again a few weeks later... You were typing away & i noticed You said it loud & proud that U were gay and at first i thought You were play'n.. but then You turned on the cam & audio .. i finally heard You speak on audio and my gay radar just went BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP.. * akas *.. i kept say'n "what a waste ".. lol ... that's just someth'n i usually say to my own gay friends know'n they are juss to FINE to be that way.... i don't believe someone just wakes up one day and goes " yayy i wanna be Gay ".. i think Ur just born like that.. just my opinion... one of my younger bro's is gay but dress's and lives his life as a Woman, been that way since a baby.... i have gay friends that are just like You.. and gay kuzzins who are just like You.... thank You for coming out on 1SA and being You... so the point is.. i Love Gay Samoan Men .. it is what it is.. and we juss have to be happy for who they are & accept them.. i accept You mos definitely... you crack me UP and i appreciate wen U cook for Us :inchino: .. Much Alofa's for ya boo boo. * two snaps in a circle *.. :P
  • Does it get old when ppl expect you to be all 'snappy' and 'mmmm'hhmmmm' with the chicken neck and good at fashion / design / organizing events, etc.. just cause you're gay?

    I don't know many gay men (interestingly enough, I know more bisexual transvestites than out-the-closet gay guys.. what's with that? lol) but i DO find it annoying when ppl expect me to be all 'my brothers will kill ya' or fa'apaku-ma-le-sei or like.. good at fe'aus lol just cause I'm a female who is Samoan.

    I would imagine that gay men, Samoan or otherwise, come in all the flavors of the rainbow.. that it wouldn't be fair for anyone, even yourselves, to try and package you all in the same box.

    So answer to your question? You tell me what a Samoan lady is supposed to look like, then I'll tell you what a gay Samoan man is supposed to look like...

    (i.e. Ka'ilo... lol)
    • Head Chef
      I don't actua have a take on "Gay" Samoan men, but I DO have a question though....if any one out there can help......are fafafine's necessarily gay? Or are they just men who like to act and LOOK like girls/women? If fafafines are gay, then I think they I'd rather be on the right side of them than on the bad side of them, cos they will tear you to shreds both physically AND psychologically!.....hahaha....I'm forreals, they will KICK yo ass!...hahahaha...
      • This is hilarious! :) I knew a lot of people who were gay and stuck in this situation. I don't know what the correct term for being gay in samoan besides fafa. And I take offense to that because to me, I'm not a fafa, i'm just gay. LOL.....Majority of the people who I knew were fafafine's, were Samoan Men who dressed in Drag. AND, tried to hide their sexuality as if dressing in female's clothing wasn't obvious enough....
  • all i can say is iethan ur too aulelei to be gay. :D but seriously have you always been gay or was it something u discovered later on in life? but yeah if someone said to me (without seeing that person) oh hes samoan and his gay i would immediately think that he was a fafafine. and lol@kokoboy yep they may look and act like women but they fight like

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